Q, Can BBM Co. tell me what drum or container I need to use?

A, No by law we are not allowed to advise you. It is the responsibility of the person packing the product or waste to know the material being containerized. The material designates the container, not the other way around.  The material can be quite complex, including dilution, parts per billion.  Barrels Boxes & More knows drums but we do not know chemicals so we will always suggest you look up your specific material in the Hazardous Material & Waste Regulations manual or check with the appropriate authorities such as your Environmental Specialist, your waste disposal company, DOT or EPA.

Q, Reconditioned drums are less expensive, can I use them for all my containment needs.

A, No.  Reconditioned drums carry a much lower UN rating because the volume of drums reconditioned daily prohibits sorting for exact UN rating, therefore most reconditioned drums are re-tested to a Y1.2, which is a packing group 2 & 3 and a specific gravity of 1.2.  I suggest, that you really inspect the drums you buy and know where they come from.  Reconditioned drums should be of the highest standards regardless of what the customer is using them for.  No one should ever hold a drum up and see holes. never.

Q, Can I use a poly drum to store gasoline.

A, No, The gasoline cans you can buy at the hardware store have undergone extra process to contain gasoline that regular poly drums have not.  Storing gasoline is regulated by local town authorities, homeowners insurance and just plain common sense.  Please do the research and if you have to store gas, know how to store it safely.  Keep in mind proper grounding and bonding, ventilation, etc.

Q. Can you ship my drums via UPS?

A. Most of our drums are beyond the capacity of UPS as most people know it.  A 55 gallon steel drum will quickly fill that little brown truck.  Some of the smaller drums can be boxed and shipped by UPS if your only ordering 1 or 2 but once a quantity is ordered they will be shipped by a common carrier. There is UPS freight but keep in mind most carriers are equipped for commercial and industrial deliveries not residential.  Once a residential delivery is required additional charges are added.  We will always take the time to determine the best, and least expensive mode of transportation that suits our customers or we will be happy to ship via the customers carrier of choice.