Mission Statement:

BBM CO. is committed to raising customer satisfaction.

BBM CO. is committed to selling only quality products.

BBM CO. is committed to providing our customer with the best value.

BBM CO. is committed to treating others with respect & honesty.

BBM CO. is committed to our employees.

BBM CO. is committed to our community.


Customers – We will strive to provide our customers the best product the market has to offer. We will strive to process their orders quickly and to provide savings in time and money wherever possible.


Employees – We will strive to attract, develop and retain employees of the highest character and competence, and we will provide them with compensation and incentives that will reward them for their performance, loyalty, team effort and commitment.


Community – We will strive to give back to our community by contributing our time, money and effort where and when we can afford it to the issues that are important to us as a team.


As the director of sales of Barrels Boxes & More it is my hope that our customers will know that we understand that without them there is no company. It is and always will be my goal to provide the best product at the best price in the least amount of time while continuing to make a profit. That profit is required to pay our bills, show our appreciation to our employees, to give back to the community and to have fun. Having fun is why we work. We work hard to provide our customers the best service and value we can and deserve to enjoy the fruits of our labors. Our families deserve a time of undivided attention and enjoyment. That is my wish for my customers, employees, family and myself. Life is far too short to work far too much without some fun thrown in.



Robin Barros

Director of Sales