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It’s incredible to think that I, Robin Barros started Barrels Boxes & More in 1994.  My son Justin was 5 at the time, he’s 23 now and a Sergeant in the U.S. Army, with the 10th Mountain. He used to sleep on the cubic yard boxes at 4am when a truck would come in, now he’s long sense finished Airborne School.  The entire family helped.  Truck’s were scheduled in the middle of the night so that my husband, my mom, dad, his mom and dad could help unload before going off to they’re own day jobs.  I would look like a dirty drowned rat after climbing into the back of a trailer box and load a hundred or more drums into another truck with a customer. We had two loading docks and a couple of trailers dropped in the yard.  I had a rickety metal ladder that I’d carry to the trailer to help me climb in.  Those were the days.....I loved it.

That lasted 3 years.  We finally took the leap and Joe, my husband came on full time. What a joy that was, no more middle of the night unloads.  Help during the day and my best friend at my side. Our parents continued to help when they could. In 1999, I started searching for a new building and decided to buy land and build.  

It will be 18 years in May.  We have a 20,000 square foot warehouse, 6 loading docks.  We continue to work lean with only 4 employees including myself and Joe. Sandy is the first person most of our customers talk to, she answers the phones and keeps the office running smoothly. She’s been with us since July 2004. Jeremiah is the newest member of the BBM Drum family, he takes care of the warehouse.` Thankfully, I rarely have to load trucks but I am always ready and my favorite times are chatting with the drivers and customers.  I just really love that aspect of my business.

We have the best customers in the world.  They are conscious of price but more than that, they appreciate knowing that we will never sell a product that we/or they do not trust, especially not to save a buck.  Our customers expect and get fast service.  They expect and get great products.  We may not have fancy catalogs and great mascots but we have great products and great customer service.  

This is not work, this is fun.  I still love it.


837 Boston Tpk, Bolton, CT. 06043

Ph (860)645-9055, CT bbmdrum@bbmdrum.com


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